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During the telephone call, we will discuss your issue and my proposed plan of therapy.

These sessions are Bespoke individually tailored sessions designed specifically around the client and the issue for maximum results. We use a mixture of education, exercise, diet meditation and  intuitive therapy to heal the situation.






21  MINDFULNESS Understanding Focus and Awareness

By learning we may know ourselves.  Through Mindfulness practice we can start to develop an awareness that introduces us to our fundamental observer self, we learn through tecniques to create space between the observer and the thoughts feelings and sensations that run our lives on a daily basis.  This space allows us to identify more with our true nature and weaken the mental patterns that are disruptive and hold us back……. the practice allows for a new perspective, and CHANGE.






20 Retrospect Responsibility, Forgiveness, Love, Healing

This is the healing process format.

Retrospect – Whatever the problem is…. name it, condense it into a small sentence, one word if you can. You may need to speak with a councilor or e-mail me to gain clarity on the core  issue.

Take a view of your life, imagine yourself sitting up high watching what happens in your life on a daily basis. the work run,   people interaction etc spend a while objectively looking at what you do and how you feel during a typical day.  Then have a look at the attitude you are holding…. are you depressed, unhappy feeling unloved, just note what you are feeling daily.

When you have named what the problem is go back and find out who mirrored that feeling to you as a young child.. it may take some uncovering.  You will recognise the similarity.  Somewhere as a child you felt that emotion you interpreted it as you were worthy of feeling it.  It was your childs  interpretation of what was going on. There was no consideration that this person had issues and couldnt help themself, the issue was nothing to do with you personally it was just something that that person did they probably did it to everyone.

You were worthy all along!

Responsibility -Now you see things differently you have taken responsibility by re assesing the issue.

Forgiveness – Having re assesed the situation and taken responsibility for the issue forgiveness is flowing, there is change happening.  Close your eyes and have a conversation with the persons involved say how you felt and say its ok you get it now you interpreted the situation personally but recognise now that it is not your issue. Say to the persons involved that you forgive them over and over if necessary until it feels right.

Love – At this stage in the process self love is flowing.

Healing –  You will notice that the issue is no longer prominent in you life, you dont have to do anything, you will notice everything is the same, you are just without the pain and discomfort. xx

19  When I feel myself falling from Grace…. I meditate.

What do I mean when I say I fall from grace?

I mean things dont flow, I become grumpy or things dont happen as expected.  I experience difficulties and obstacles.  I make poor choices.

So I take a moment and meditate.

When I meditate I am aligned. My thoughts stop, my body slows right down and I am in the dark in silence. Then the light appears, my energy system is flowing harmoniously one through the other and all aspects of myself are coming together in unison, radiating and pouring forth.

When I meditate I am grace.  To meditate is to know yourself.



18  Making changes to my life – Why Is That?

I have had a look at my life recently and observe that things could be better!  I asked myself why things were grim and eventually (as I procrastinate) took a few minutes to take some notes as to perhaps why.

I looked at what my day was full of…. I get up, see the children off to school go to work, come home, cook, eat out if we are lucky, I go to see friends, run the children around to their friends, I have a day in the week to myself and ask myself sometimes what I would like to do and then go do it, so I am living a pretty normal life,  I have set that up, I am responsible for that.

In the past I have lived an extra ordinary life –

I wanted calm and stability for my children so worked to create that and I have it.  I realised though that I have settled for medioka! So I explored a little more.  I have bought in to reading the odd newspaper and fill my head with the recession and difficult times.  Some of my friends are experiencing personal difficulties and I’m listening to and buying into that too. At work I listen to gossip and although I always say … that is not my experience of that person or they don’t affect me in that way, which breaks the cycle, I occasionally find myself saying   ‘Oh I know just ignore the idiot!  I constantly have to be on top of my game where my thoughts are concerned, deliberately choosing what to say and being careful what I think so that I feel good and upbeat.

So my friends and colleagues the newspaper I read and the places I choose to visit are creating the blue print the actual fabric of my tomorrow.  And in all of that my thoughts are backing my external experiences up reinforcing them and making more of them for my tomorrow.  YUK!

I dont want to surround myself with saints or live a solitary life so that the negativity does not affect me so what can I do?

I know I have to make some changes.

So I take stock.  I have done a little assesment as to what IS going on and know what I’m doing to make that happen. I have started a daily meditation it only takes me 15 whenever I can fit it in the day, I have been doing it for 25 days now and I have had some miraculous results.  For me meditation is the answer, and the way.  When I meditate I just clear my mind, I slow the chatter down sometimes focus on a candle flame for a minute but then just sit in silence and darkness.  sometimes things happen and sometimes I just sit in the darkness.  The darkness is my gateway to the light and am very comfortable there.  It is like a midnight blue darkness and has a feel of wonder about it.

My daily meditation keeps me focused, its like a thread which keeps me in a strong positive place and keeps a purpose full momentum going.

The intention behind the meditation is to raise the quality of life we live.

My thoughts are being sifted through momentarily on a daily basis so I am being responsible for my thoughts and therefore feelings so am deliberately contributing to the quality of my life.  I need to be more grateful for the good I have and focus on that which will produce more of the same and surrender more to my true self which will bring wisdom and joy and help me fulfill my life purpose.

So I am changing the information in my BAG my PERSONAL INTELLECT that which shines on my creative source to produce the reality I so desire.

So I have had new opportunities presented to me in the last 25 days of my meditation which affirms that my effort is paying off, I am seeing opportunities coming my way that if I take them will change my life …..fruitful fruition….bring it on!!!

17   An Explanation of why we are experiencing what we are experiencing in our lives.

I try to say the same thing in as many ways as I can to reach as many people as I can, as we all learn in different ways and at different rates.  But if you can get your head around this it will open up many opportunities for you.

1.Take a while to think about some of the experiences you have had in your life, positive and negative, some poignient ones anyway, write a few down.   Then think about the teachers and family members you have had that have mentored you over the years, write them down too. Think also about the studies you have done……. all of the above and much more has contributed to the person you are today, we will call this your personal intellect….

Approximately 6 times per second we interact with the quantum field of infinite potential.  Our past and present experiences create our future! Those old experiences images learnings, are constantly observing the wave of infinite potential in the quantum field and producing particles of experience in our realities now.

So if for example we decide to do a degree and spend 3 years learning to be a nurse, we think, read, and generally involve ourselves with that kind of information.  We will have been observing the wave of infinite potential in the quantum field (6 times every second) so we experience it in our life we become nurses.  So those who influence us, what we choose to think and then feel becomes paramount to who we will be tomorrow.

People with similar beliefs and experiences share similar realities.

So involve yourself with information, experiences and people that you love so that your future will be full of it.  Be the best you can be today, and tomorrow you will be it.  We are organic marvels, super creators we just have to understand the method by which we create and make it deliberate.  Practicing gratitude speeds this process up and of course surrender to the self.

16  An Example of how I see the process of creation effecting us on a daily basis.

I know we can all relate to loosing something, looking for it and finding it so thats why I wanted to use this very simple example so we could all relate.  Its just worth a though.

This was something that actually happened.

I was at home. … and fancied a bit of chocolate, I was thinking, feeling almost tasting chocolate as I actively searched for it.  I have several stashes around the house but I had exhausted all of my options this particular day, after searching for several minutes, I stopped for a second and put both my hands in my jacket pocket (I had been wearing it most of the day)  and pulled out one of my favourite Lindt chocolates!  I couldnt believe my eyes…. ate it immediately of course, it was delightful!  Got a bit scared because I didnt put it there and there was no one else in the house, and then put it out of my mind so I didnt have to think about it……

But in retrospect I had done what was necessary to create from desire almost instantly. If I was ill and was actively searching for my answers and getting involved maybe I would have experienced a spontaneous remission.  The whole process took about 5 minutes I think, so what does that tell us?  That we dont have to wait a life time for what we want.

There are some fundamental things we need to check.   What beliefs we are holding and you know the rest, what we are thinking, what we are feeling, being in the present moment and holding the clarity of what we desire in that moment.

I think that as I am looking for something, my belief that ‘If I seek I shall find’, will support me, if I am in the present moment and I empty my mind and hold only the object of my desire then it becomes manifest in this world because the quantum field of infinite potential can bring opportunities in infinite ways. Our whole life experience is created on this premise….. check out quantum physics and the observer.  You now have the knowledge,  have fun experimenting with the process of creativity and the objects of your desire.  Enjoy

15  A work in Progress

It was Summer 2007 when my Dad told me he had been diagnosed with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma…. The big C.

I heard the words when he told me but they were slightly muffled, as if I didnt really want to be hearing them.  We sat in the lounge in no mans land, not knowing what to say or feel or do…. we were out of our comfort zones.  So I decided in that moment to make a path for us and Dad followed me down it… thank God!

He knew that I occasionally helped people to heal but had never really discussed it with me.  It wasnt really his thing he had managed people all his life in the hosiery trade right into retirement and then just holidayed and enjoyed himself, but now he was confronted with this and I silently wondered how he was going to handle it???

His belief system was set up so that what the doctor said was gospel.  He loved his life and enjoyed every moment of it…   He didnt want to die that was for sure. Oh yes and he was open minded.

We discussed the subject for a while and I proposed that he be my case study for 6 months, he agreed and with an open mind we set off on our own little journey.  In that time I would educate him so he understood his own input into his life and I would give him healing for an hour a week to re charge his batteries and raise his vibration a little.  We needed to change his electro magnetic field (the thoughts and feelings) that he was emitting, to something more constructive and positive and so that the quantum field could respond to his new electro magnetic field.  I spent about 15-20 mins two or three times a week explaining everything he needed to know to help him grow and change and an hour every week of healing sometimes that was a combined mix.  I went along to see the consultants with dad initially, all that studying I look up to them they were polite, empathetic and to the point, but my feeling was there was no room for miracles, it was a case of ‘when you are going to die of it’  not IF you die of it.  That stirred something inside of me.

So Dad was back and foreward to the hospital for check ups and consultations and the education and healing carried on.  3/4 months had gone by and I went with Dad to see Prof Dyer the consultant that was monitoring Dads progress.  We had to wait for hours that day they were so busy.  Prof Dyer came out of his room looked for Dads notes and then called us in.   We watched him look at the notes from beginning to end and back again and from the beginning one more time.  With his head still in the notes he raised his eyes up through his little specs and said to Dad you look remarkably well Sir, to which Dad replied I feel well Sir.  Well keep on doing what it is that you have been doing Sir, he said to Dad because your platelets have gone right back up and…….. it went all muffled again and Dad turned round to me as if in slow motion and said …. Its all that healing and awareness you been giving me daughter.  Prof Dyer didnt comment but it was what my Dad had allowed himself to believe, so it became.  He was well again.  It was an awesome moment one that we had both aligned ourselves with.  Dad was over the next month or so discharged from the unit and returned to what he loved but with a little bit more information than he had before and a little more contemplation/meditation time but definitely more in charge of his future.  I had made my peace with my Dad and he with himself. We have an even better relationship now… he nudges me silently sometimes and we look at each other but its a deep knowing look……. and then we bust out laughin!

14    My Way of Thinking…

I was out walking the dog today it was a good long walk.  As I was walking, I did what I usually do…. observed what I was thinking, asking myself how I was feeling, corrected myself when I was a little hard on myself,  bought myself back to alignment a few times and kept reminding myself that it wasnt in my interest, (even if I was upset) to be thinking crappy thoughts to be honest. Ive got stuff happening at the minute you see.

Anyway I was walking and I said to myself Oh forget all that……  I bought my phone out logged into facebook to see what my friends were doing and managed to distract myself into a giggle at some of the wall comments that were flying about. Dont know how long I was on line as I was walking but suddenly my feet got stuck in some squidgy mud, I slipped a little, looked up and it was dark and I couldnt find the dog!  I heard myself say ‘IT ONLY TAKES A LITTLE DISTRACTION TO FIND YOURSELF IN MUDDY WATERS’

Too true I thought!  Bloody FB…. I found my feet called the dog and made my way to the path.  Laughing to myself I thought how easily distracted we are from our loving selves.  It only takes for us to listen to a friend complaining for us to be heading down that same road. It only takes for us to watch something disruptive to take us down that road…. So lets not take our finger off the pulse guys… lets be deliberate wherever possible, THATS DELIBERATELY LOVING….lets listen to our thoughts make them soft, understand how we are feeling make us warm, just tweak the thought slowly until we get the right feeling, because we all know by now that If we are thinking and feeling in alignment then we are holding the correct attitude that attracts the desired outcome.  Much Love to All….

13     A summary

For those of you that follow the super blog part of the site you will have understood from the previous 12 enteries how Spontaneous remissions SR occur.  Not only how SR occurs but also how to make many other things in our lives occur.  Because herein is explained the process of how we create our daily reality. This is explained by the science of Quantum Physics and the Observer.

I can really only repeat the same thing in different ways… I can scientifically explain the impact our thoughts have on our reality or I can tell stories like ‘Me, My Bag and My Mirror’ (The tenth entry below).  Once we have all the data we need to comprehend how to change, any aspect of ourselves and then implement it, then we are writing our own biography…. we are the author. We dont have to be the victim of old immature thoughts that have become embeded in our sub conscious and are creating our future.  Deliberately think and Intentionally meditate upon the desire, push the boundaries of what we know dare…. to ask and observe a responce.

There is great pleasure in creating and I believe that the purpose of life is to individually create and express the source of who we are through the awesome organic marvel, the body.

So if anyone wants to research more….

Candice Pert Phd explains how our emotions effect us.

Prof John Haglin explains the process of daily creation Quantum Physics and the Observer.

Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses all the aspects of who we are and how we create.  Prof Amit Goswami FB The Quantum Activist

Or you can contact me of course

12 Change in our lives……

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge.   I realised that my purpose in life is to provide a service or share something that may help another, to give is to receive, so I am fulfilled.

So…. ABSOLUTELY WHATEVER we are stuck with, unhappiness, illness, lack whatever our complaint, and we all have them mental, emotional or physical the first thing we need to do is recognise that, realise Im not getting anywhere thinking along these lines or feeling like this…  ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE!  That is the begining.  Change is the beginning of healing or whatever it is you desire so we need to embrace change, get excited about it because it may bring the fruits of desire……….

In life for me it would go something like this………….

We realise that we want something that we do not have ….

(that in itself tells us that we are not in alignment with ourself because we are all things and to want it would mean that we are not acknowledging that we are it. We are reaching outwards to get it rather than aligning ourselves from within to be it.)

We make the statement to ourselves and acknowledge that we want the experience of it in our life. then we simply get involved with it, (we already know our potential and the process of creation) we know that the quantum field is infinite potential so anything can happen and if we do the process we create what we desire …. we take the reigns and are in control) we research the net or talk to people send a mail make a phonecall and start to see in our reality the opportunities that the quantum field shows to us. Someone will unexpectedly offer us something that will take us closer to our desire.  I day dream about it until it makes me feel good and at the end of the day I reflect and remind myself that through thinking and feeling I have created from the energetic foundations of who we are with my thoughts and feelings particles of experience that make manifest that initial desire in my life.  When that happens we are aligned with it, becoming it and if we keep thinking feeling and involving ourselves in it, so will we produce more of the same.

It seems quite simple and I think that it is. My belief system is already setup for it, I have the information and I know the process and I often make it happen

11     The detail in this blog is really about helping us navigate the roads we choose to  go down and not just drive along the one we find ourselves on.

We first need to choose a direction so we are going to change and then head for the road of good health.  While heading for the road, if its a sunny day and we are feeling good, then we are holding the right attitude and heading for our destination.  If its raining and we are not feeling good, then we need to remember that the external world is created from within…so start by saying I like the rain, think about Singing and dancing in the rain with the one we love, this will bring a smile to our face and make us feel better, and if we stick with it, think more nice rain senarios, our mood will change and keep doing it and our belief, attitude and whole life will change. The clouds will lighten, a ray of sunshine will burst through and before we know it the weather will have changed. The external world is an indicator of where we are internally. Not something we always like to hear! Be aware of negative thoughts as they happen, refuse to accept the miserable rain that we have learned and think of the fun loving rain of new experience, laugh at the wind blowing hard in our faces, it is this attitude that takes us to our desired destination.  It is here that life is good. The company that we choose to take with us on the journey is paraount to the destination.  A joint effort in holding the destination clear and co-creating by using the external stimuli to help bring each other back to happy positive perspective and will enforce support and make the ride enjoyable.

With Much Love

Dont forget the main aspets of self creating.   Understand ourselves as physical,creative, conscious beings.  Quantum physics and the observer explains how we create the fabric of reality from thought. The importance of stilling the mind to stay in the creative zone for long enough to tip the scale and spend more time creating what we want now as opposed to letting the old programmes run without us being aware and create old unwanted future realities.

The answers to the questions that we choose to ask ourselves start within from the source of who we are, like for example, ‘How can I better myself’.  By nature we want to experience, create and evolve.  We ask or ponder the question internally and then we wait for external opportunities and information that we ‘accidentally’ come across like a web site that has just the info we are looking for, or we bump into someone who just happens to be able to help a little and the info helps us navigate the road, That web site and the person are the posibilities that the quantum field produces to help you navigate the road you have chosen to go down to get to your destiny, but it all comes from ‘us’ within. The initial point of creation is the core of who we are and the process of quantum physics and the observer explains nicely the process of manifestation and how our external reality occurs.

10   If the possibilities are infinite in the Quantum Field….We Can Have Whatever We Want…. So How Do We align ourselves with that which we want?

What a great question! And now Im going to try to tell you the answer.

The Quantum Field of Infinite Potential means that whatever it is we are desiring already exists as a possibility in the quantum field.

If we can comprehend that we are first and foremostly consciousness and the grounds of our being are built upon consciousness, then whatever the intention or desire that is held by us just passes by our creative observer and from a consciousness and energy basis is made manifest, it is the first particle of experience….. the sub atomic world.  The sub atomic world then just has to percolate up through the levels of our existance sub atomic level, atomic level, cellular level and then into the macro cosmos that we know and we start getting signs of the progress of our desire.

See if you can get it like this.  My daughter just bought a Juicy Couture handbag it was gorgous and I loved it immediately!  Inside the bag she had dangling a little mirror.  I was thinking as I was carrying the handbag with me while shopping!!  There I was …. Me, (physical me) with my daughters handbag (which represented the sum of my experiences and beliefs to date)  and this little mirror (that represented the Observer selfor creator).  Me, my intellect and my observer self. (A broader picture of myself). Whatever the bag contained was the sum of experiences I was allowing to manifest because the little observer mirror was reflecting the information from the juicy handbag out into my reality and that is why we experience the individual realities that we do and the more we put in the bag the more we can experience. Can you see that?  The bag and the mirror are parts of us that most do not acknowledge or even know exist.

so anyway… on a daily basis 6 seconds every minute we deliberately create the rest of the time the old learning experiences and beliefs are creating our futures. We can be victims and prisoners of our past.  So we need to tip the scale and make more time deliberately creating.  So…… Let the observer see more of you…. doing exactly what you want!

If we can slow our thoughts down lets say focus on a single candle flame, the chemicals of emotion that run wild in our bodies and influence us are slowing down and we move into the present moment that means we are not affected by the past or the future. This is the gateway to the quantum field. Once we are at the gateway we need to go deep within (I am composing a guided meditation to help I will put it in the shop on the left hand link when its done.) Once we hit the gateway and leave ourselves open for the quantum field whatever our intention good health, new job etc it is the first thing we are showing the observer therefore it becomes a particle of experience at the sub atomic level and percolates up through the levels of our existance until we see the oportunity or reality occuring in our lives.  This is the process of deliberate creation.

We can daydream and slip into the quantum world… we can still the mind and deliberately create too.. the more we do it the quicker we get the results….

How badly do you desire your dream? How much time are you prepared to put aside for focus on your dream? Will you compromise yourself ? Will you listen to the ‘Ill do it tomorrow voice or will you answer that voice back and say Im worth it… I am the creator and I deliberately create………. I hope so!   Let me know how you get on.  Sometimes it can take a while

That is how we align ourselves with our desired potential that already exists.  🙂

9  An Awesome Overview.

The aim of the information and guide lines here in this blogg are to raise awareness to the importance of change, and explain that changing the mind means physically changing the body…. it is a fact

Awareness is the platform that enables us along with the guide lines to bring that much need change into certain areas of our lives, to experiment and create something better or healthier.

The under pinning knowledge is scientifically based and the aspect of how our thoughts affect our life are understood and explained through Quantum Physics and the Observer by Prof Amit Goswami Lecturer at Oregan University and Prof John Haglin. Then translated into every day language by me!

Bio-chemistry aspects amongst many other things are referenced from Dr. Joe Dispenza DC.

The anatomy and physiology are my own studies but profound spiritual experiences and a knowingness of our true potential lead me to these great minds so that I could translate my experiences and knowledge into the credible language of science and then translate it again so that even my children could understand it!   I hope you enjoy my blogg.

This knowledge is for everyone who wants to heal, from all walks of life and every nationality. It is a step by step guide that raises awareness and gives the power back to the individual to create a reality with our own individual desired outcome.

8         Focus Upon Your Desire to your hearts content.

To those of you who follow the blogg…. some questions to keep you focused.

1 What is your desire?  Focus upon it.

2 Feel it until you get goose bumps.

3 Make your internal world vivid until you see the opportunities occuring in the external world.

4 Spend time at the end of the day in reflection and acknowledge the events that contribute to the manifestation of your desire.

I am preparing a meditation…. one that took me to the core of my being and it is my intention to take you there too should you desire.

Know thy self……

7     The Four aspects that we need to understand more fully to obtain deliberate results in our lives are:

Who we are,    how we function Quantum Physics and the Observer and Stilling the Mind.

1 Who are we? – Well lets just say that we are physical mental and emotional, energetic, conscious beings. We have to understand ourselves as this ‘new model’, a more expanded opinion of ourselves as opposed to simply being physical.

2 How we function – We need to understand the importance of a thought, lets say ‘Happiness’ fires in the nerve cell in the brain it travels from one nerve cell to another until it reaches its destination. Neuro peptides thats chemicals come together in the Hypothalamus to form your personal perception of that thought ‘Happiness’ and those neuro peptides then are distributed around the body they lock onto receptor sites on the cells and we start feeling then responding by acting ‘Happy’  This repeated over time becomes habitual and moves into the subconscious so we do not have to make a conscious effort to be happy other stuff triggers our happiness off.

Here is a short clip of  thoughts firing in the brain moving from one cell to another and the neuro-peptides being dispersed over the synaptic spaces, its thinking and feeling in action!

3. Quantum Physics and the Observer. – First and formostly the Quantum Field is a sea of infinite potentiality. And it works like this. We have gathered over the years in our intelect (information, beliefs, experiences) that make up who we are. When the intelect runs the information past our Observer (thats us) then the Observer projects that information outwards and it becomes our external world created from our internal thoughts beliefs and experiences.  Really that is it in a nutshell, there is lots more to say but short and sweet is comprehendable.

So to recap, an expanded opinion of the way we see ourselves physical energetic and conscious helps us to use the Quantum model and create deliberately.  Weather consciously or subconsciously whatever we hold in our intelect once shown to the Observer becomes a particle of our individual experience and that particle of experience  then becomes a sub atomic particle in the micro cosmos, then atomic particle and then molecule then a body etc until we are in the macro cosmos which we know and see with our eyes.

Prof John Haglin on consciousness and Quantum. I think he explains it well….. Hope this helps.

4 Stilling the Mind If we are to understand that a thought firing in the brain then sets off a chemical reaction within the body…. then we are walking chemical reactions. We have also said that some chemicals are more acidic based than others. putting it bluntly positive thoughts are more alkaline based and negative thoughts are more acidic based so for good care of the body, harmony etc we can understand the importance of thinking well of ourselves and everything else for that matter.

How about giving the body a rest from that constant rush of chemicals. To varying degrees meditation, stilling the mind and daydreaming in that order stop the chemical rush slow it all down. When those chemicals induced by thought are no longer being produced we are in a state of being the present moment.  When we are in this non chemical, still place and we hold a desired vision or kind of watch an internal video of our desire (not thinking) but observing our desire then it becomes quickly.  Sometimes we need to stick at the practice of meditation or stilling the mind but be sure that the desired outcome will occur in the reality of the observer.

The only way I can describe this is that we dip in and out of the quantum field several times a second so we can understand that our reality occurs from all the information stored in our intellect (all we have experienced learned and believe) so dipping in and out of the field makes it happen. So by thinking feeling and doing our external world is created but by meditating or stilling the mind we are taking the bull by the horns so to speak and making it happen deliberately exactly as we would like.

6 A Different Approach to Understanding the process of deliberate Creation. The Brain in action is mind!

As I sit in home looking out of my window into the garden with a cup of coffee in my hand, I start to relax…. I get comfy and think about my intention in life. When ever I let myself go and think about my intention, I get goose bumps on my arms and down my back…. that is when I know that I am in that deliberate creative place, thinking is making me feel great and it is having a physical effect on me…. I am changed in that moment!   When my internal world becomes more vivid than the external world I know that the quicker my intention will occur.  For me it is effortless.  I have arranged my life so that I have time in the day to relax and strengthen my intention, I will not compromise myself and live in the constant rat race, I do dip in and out of it and have a healthy balance.   I have many thoughts in the day that do not benefit me but as I am diligent in the process of checking my thoughts I can make a difference to the old programmes, stop them mid flow…… and replace them with more beneficial thoughts.

It has been my intention to bring awareness of this subject to all who wish to hear it and in doing so I believe I would be fulfilling my life purpose……… that is an awesome statement for me to be able to make.  I have been asked to prepare a presentation to NHS professionals within a study group for feed back.

It is my proposal that any patient who would like to learn more about themself and the process of life has that opportunity because the opportunity raises self awareness and empowers the person to deliberately live their life, change their attitudes and live as desired.

I am in a place of excitement and gratitude when I declare that my intention is in fruition.  Life is good.

Many Many Thanks for all the awesome feedback and comments…. Hope this helps.

5   Thoughts Feelings Actions…..

Stilling the Mind, The Present Moment and a STATE OF BEING

So we have talked about the importance of constantly checking our thoughts so we are thinking something productive or beneficial to us. We check those thoughts because thoughts evoke feelings therefore we feel the way we are thinking.  The more we keep our thoughts in check the more control we have over our lives and the more deliberately we live…. Positive thoughts keep an alkaline chemical base within the body and negative thoughts produce a more acidic chemical base within the body. Acidity erodes organs and body parts while alkaline promotes a more harmonic way within.

The Hypothalamus is the chemical factory situated in the brain which puts together your own personal and unique chemical formula for happiness sadness in fact any emotion you can possible feel. Constantly the body is being bombarded with chemicals, depending on the thought depends upon the acid/alkaline levels in the body.

Initially when a thought fires in the nervous system The Hypothalamus sends a cascade of chemicals from one nerve cell to another over the synaptic spaces and onto other nerves until it reaches its destination when we start acting according to the way we are feeling.

A simple repetition of thoughts becomes a mood, a mood held over a period of time becomes a belief, and a belief about oneself pertains to the attitude that we hold/emit.  The attitude made up of thoughts and feelings is the electro magnetic field that radiates out and interacts with the Quantum field of Infinite potential.  So

What I really want to share today is that stilling the mind, daydreaming or meditation is the method of stopping the constant chemical cascade within the body so rather than having to feel an emotion we are in a STATE OF BEING! Honestly this is the place to be.

When in a STATE OF BEING… we are neither thinking of the past nor the future but IN the present moment our most creative sacred space (without chemicals) and it is from here that it is possible to CHANGE and align ourselves with our highest potential, our most optimum health or our simplest desire and make something manifest

So im saying its ok to feel an emotion if, you can keep tabs on what you are thinking… be humble, be great be whatever you want to be! But its better to chill, relax and drop into that place of no thinking, zero chemistry and just be.

4     Only Six seconds In Every Waking Minute!

Hi Everyone, here is a little more……

Did you know that for only 6 seconds in every minute we are consciously and deliberately creating that which we desire in our future, the other 54 seconds we are influenced by our old neuro circuits and creating more of that. Its no wonder that the object of our manifestation is slow in becoming.  We consciously create for a few seconds about the object of our desire and then drift off into 54 seconds of unawareness.  What a waste of creativity.

So lets make a conscious decision to be in the present moment BUT FOR LONGER THAN 6 SECONDS. Now we have that information lets stretch that 6 seconds as far as we can.

We know that we create our future from the thoughts and feelings of the moment. So keeping in the present moment is the key to the speedy manifestations of our desires.

It does not serve us well to remeniss, that takes us out of the moment and into the past. Nor do we want to spend too much time worrying about the washing up that has to be done because that thought too takes us out of the moment and into the future to create more of the same, future washing up anxiety.

I find that the best way to make manifest our desires is to give thanks in the present moment for that which we desire as if we already had it.

If I prematurely give thanks, in the moment, for the success of the book I have already written, I am thinking about it, and feeling great about it, it is a success in the present moment. So my electro magnetic field is radiating this out to the quantum field and the quantum field is responding!.

So give thanks for what you would like in your world as if you already have it for longer than 6 seconds in every minute. Stay in the present moment as if you already have it….. it will arrive much quicker.

3   The Quantum Field and our Electromagnetic Field

How as human beings do we effect the quantum field of infinite potential and deliberately create that which we desire in our lives?

3. As human beings we have an electromagnetic field which we are constantly sending out to the quantum field of infinite potential. That field is made up of electrical impulses and magnetic impulses.

Thoughts are the electrical impulses and the language of the brain.

Feelings are the magnetic impulses and the language of the body.

We can now understand that we are sending electro magnetic signals out constantly to the quantum field and the quantum field is responding to our electromagnetic field.

It is so important to be in charge of what we think and feel.  We need to make our thoughts beneficial to us because we know that if we think something we then induce a feeling and when we think and feel (thats our electromagnetic field) the quantum field of infinite potential responds.

So lets take a good look at what is in our life. If we don’t want it there, acknowledge it for a moment, spend a little time understanding how we feel and how we respond to that which we don’t want. Then simply make your mind up not to think about it again then we wont be feeling like that again so we wont be giving off that undesired electromagnetic signal to the field..

When we come up against that which we don’t want in our world we need to go beyond it and say and feel that this is fine and re-afirm that which we do want in that moment.  That is taking control and deliberately creating what we desire. This way we spent less time sending out signals that we don’t want and more time sending out signals that we do want, our desired experience is made manifest much quicker.

The other thing is…. if we are saying we are happy and feeling sad then we are sending mixed messages to the quantum field,  so to send out the electro magnetic signal that we desire we have to think and feel that which we desire.



2  The Importance of Thought

It is important to take responsibility for our thoughts…. sift through them regularly and make sure they are beneficial to us.

Our thoughts create chemical peptides within us that are distributed around the body generating a feeling. A feeling is simply a chemical reaction….. When the thought and the feeling are aligned and we start acting that way, that reality is produced quickly!

If I say Im happy, I start feeling happy, and I do happy things therefore I am radiating happy THAT IS MY VIBRATION and the universe just brings more of that back to me.

So if there is something missing in our life…… say money. Its no good me just saying Im wealthy…..and feeling poor because I wont be aligned Ill be giving off the wrong vibration. I need to take a minute to not only say im wealthy but to feel what it is like to be wealthy we need to check that what we are saying and feeling is aligned so that the universe can respond and radiate the new aligned thought/feeling back to us.

Its the law of attraction 🙂

1.  It takes an act of extreme faith. It requires an extraordinary belief in the positive force of the universe-whether you call that God, Goddess, the Unmoved Mover, Prime Force, First Cause or whatever

Healers have just such faith.

It is a faith that crosses over into absolute knowingness.  They know that you are meant to be whole, complete and perfect in this moment now.  This knowingness is also a thought-and a very powerful one.  It has the power to move mountains-to say nothing of molecules in your body. That is why healers can heal often at a distance.

An extract from………… Conversations With God