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All of my therapies are healing in some way.  By that I mean I relax into the present moment and a state of oneness this is my personal method of Healing.

It can be experienced in Mindfulness, Meditation, one to one intuitive counselling,  Reiki, Past Life Regression and  transformational workshops  I use Time Line Therapy and Image Therapy in my work. I intuitively pick up on the time and images that are holding you back that you have forgotten and are affecting you from your subconscious, bringing them up into your conscious awareness working with them and releasing them, this allows change and healing.


1.   Mindfulness & Meditation

2.   One to One Intuitive Life Coaching – Personal Growth

3    Reiki 1 , Reiki  2 Master Degree    Usui Shiki Ryoho

4    Past Life Regression –

5    A Quantum Healing –

1 MINDFULNESS & Meditation Course MBSR

An introduction to Self through Mindfulness Based Meditation

1hr per week set over 4 weeks

Learn what Mindfulness is and how to apply it daily, for a healthier better quality of life.

Private Mindfulness sessions can be tailored to suit your lifestyle ….. hourly, two hourly over two days or 4 hourly over a day,  groups or one to one sessions – just ask.


2 One to One Intuitive Life Coaching – personal growth

If there is something holding you back, if you are stuck, or if there is something that you do that you would rather not do, then come and talk to me.

Let me help you release the conditioning that is holding you back.  We can uncover  release and transform it, so you can enjoy life without the burden, simply and effectively.

My session starts with a relaxed chat so that we can identify the issue.  When the issue is identified we work with what is revealed to us from a deeper level of self, allowing healing.  I use time line therapy and image therapy to resolve some of the issues.


3 Reiki  1st, 2nd and Master Class 

Reiki 1 Caring for self – receiving.

Reiki 2 Caring for others – giving.

Reki Master Class – Teaching Initiation


 4 Past Life Regression

Session lasts 2-3  hours, we bring up from the sub conscious into conscious awareness blocks that are holding us back at this point in our life, in doing this we release the block, and consciousness may flow there again, bringing about change and healing.We can sometimes connect one to one with the unconscious mind and even source.


5 A Quantum Healing 1 hour session

Patients relax on the therapy couch, I sit at the end of the couch tuning into information pertaining to the issue, we may discuss what arises or simply sit in silence. We bring the issue into conscious awareness from the subconscious and view it from a different perspective allowing healing.


For more information please contact me,

Tel 07450995380

Events and Therapies take place 

By Skype at    michelle.knowyourself


The Cottage Healing Center        

114 Litchfield Street                                                                  


Staffordshire B79 7QB


Bosworth Hall Hotel

The Park,

Market Bosworth

Warwickshire  CV13 OLL

Accommodation at Bosworth Hall is available at discounted rates please see me.   


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