Mindfulness and Meditation

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An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation

At Bosworth Hall Hotel

If you are interested in learning and experiencing Mindfulness and Meditation then please join us.

Commencing Monday January 4th  2016 

One hour sessions, once a week that run for a four week period,

7.30 – 8.30 pm In the Thornley Suite

The course is designed to be followed as a four week course for greater understanding and experience but you may just drop in for an experiential session.

We will be learning a little about ourselves, how we function, Autopilot and how we can benefit from Mindfulness and Meditation.

Week 1 is 50% theory and 50% practical application of Mindfulness.

We will need to practice the exercises at home and make some observations between sessions.

week 2,3, and 4 are mainly different practical applications of Mindfulness, so I am hoping there will be at least one method that you resonate with and choose to experience Mindfulness with after the course has finished.

Please contact me:     michelle.spiby@gmail.com  tel:  07450995380   Thank you

Venue:  Bosworth Hall Hotel,  The Park,  Market Bosworth, Warwickshire.  CV13 0LP


Mindfulness is, deliberate, focused awareness that brings us into the present moment, where we are non judgemental and free from past conditioning – therefore healthy.   Quite simply we are slowing down and stopping, allowing ourselves  to be.  Expressing yourself from a moment that is not influenced from a past thought feeling or experience, expressing yourself freely from a new and inovative moment that allows creativity and amazing changes.  That can be frightening for some people!  In doing this we stop the mind chatter and distractions therefore  the chemicals that flood our body that make us feel a certain way,  which in turn makes us act a certain way.  When we are mindful we are still, we allow our creative source to express itself in the world from a point of stillness.  When we do this everyone benefits, its a win win situation.  Every incredible idea, great piece of work and spontaneous remission is inspired from this immeasurable powerful source.  It is who we are…..  and the foundations of our being.

We all have the ability with a little guidance and some practical tools to be Mindfull.

Why Mindfulness?

When we are mindful in our every day activities we become composed, healed and we contribute to the wellbeing of ourselves, families, companies and our planet!

The corporate world – Employers that invest in the awareness of  Mindfulness for their employees bring in a wealth of opportunity and success on many levels for the individual and the collective company as a whole.  All *lightbulb moments* originate from this source, so why not be more aware of the miracle process of being mindful. Watch your business thrive and grow on on new levels. Come along to an Introductory day of Mindfulness as a team feel your team spirit and allow your true magnificent nature to create magic from within you for the greater good of all.

Courses Available and tailored to suit individuals on a one to one basis.

michelle.spiby@gmail.com      tel 07450995380



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