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Please leave a comment…. What was your experience of the time that we have shared.  Thank you.

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help. I didn’t understand what mindfulness was but so desperate to feel better after losing Colin, I was willing to try anything. I’m so glad I found you, you are so kind and caring and have helped me to see things more clearly and sensibly. I feel able to even smile on the odd occasion when I think of the lovely years I had with Colin. I’m also sleeping better listening to your voice! I feel able to see a life ahead, though not the one I wanted, one that will one day bring happiness again. Thank you ❤️x


There are no words to express gratitude to Michelle.  Michelle did a tremendous thing in our lives.  We were struggling to have a baby we tried everything including IVF which failed. We tried every alternative but with no luck.  After 5 years of disapointment we met Michelle. She did a miracle for us.  Now we are expecting our first child. Michelles healing process worked for us.  She talks to us and listens, she explains things to us and we had a healing session.  We hope everyone gets to meet Michelle and experience healing in their lives.  Further more we tried the mindfulness and meditation course at home, Michelle travelled to us teaching us mindfulness and meditation to help us be stress free.  People say that angels life in heaven but we know an angel lives on this earth too. Anita & Satya


I have shared some wonderful experiences with Michelle and she has helped to awaken my third eye.  She is very intuitive and proficient at passing her knowledge and skills onto others. Throughout one of my recent healing sessions I felt held and safe and encountered a very powerful experience.

Her Mindfulness course was very enjoyable and easy to understand; it has significantly impacted upon my daily life. I am very grateful to Michelle and feel that she should be available to all on prescription.  J. D.


Sue and I knew a little about Mindfullness, but wanted to learn more about it, and how to “do it”.  We spotted an advertisement for four sessions by Michelle, and decided to give it a go.
With something like this we think it is really important to like and have a good rapport with the “teacher” as this is key to learning and to taking everything on board.
The first thing to say is Michelle very quickly made us feel at ease, as she explained a bit about the history of Mindfulness, which we found out is certainly nothing new!!  She then talked us through the various aspects of mindfulness, and what each of the four sessions would look at.  Each session was very informative, with a mix of patiently explaining what we would be looking at, what the benefits would be, and then putting things in to practice.  There was always the oppertunity to ask any questions throughout the session, and especially at the end.  The idea was to then continue practising what we had learned, in the week leading up to the next session.  
After we had completed our four sessions, we both felt that we knew a great deal more about what Mindfulness is, how we can benefit and how to incorporate it into our daily lives.  
If you are interested in Mindfulness, but perhaps are unsure if its for you, you can do no worse than give Michelle a call.  It might be the best thing you ever did.



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