The Book ‘A Quantum Leap In A Life Time’

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‘A Quantum Leap in A Lifetime  ‘the e book’, is a Spiritual Autobiography. It is a short outlined account of my life and the possible reasons as to why  I took ‘A Quantum Leap In A Life Time’

It is a fast track to self realisation, a quantum leap and raised consciousness.

There is an inner knowingness and peace that comes from the ability to be at one, a hightened sensory perception which comes from raised consciousness.  Abilities which I use in my work with clients today.

It is an illustrated journey from ignorance into bliss,  the darkness into the light.

Written in 3 parts:

Part 1   The darkness as I call it,  unaware of who I was.

Part 2   A step by step explanation of The experience itself, A Quantum Leap and transformation.

Part 3   Post experience, spirituality itself, self awareness, the light, bliss,  creative source or the quantum field and how life is now.





To follow the book….

A Personal transformational Course

On understanding who we are and our potential. How to deliberately create what we want in our lives, be it Health or Happiness

3 hours per week, over a 4 week period.  Days and times to suit the client.

Sessions comprise,

1 Education, Who we are, how we function, how daily reality occurs.

2 Expert individual dietry and nutritional advice including meal plans and practical experience to be used for the term of the course.

3 Personal Exercise regime plan to be used for the term of the course.

4 Meditation and self help practices.

5 One full healing session per week.

6 My work includes image therapy, time line therapy and quantum healing.

7 Accessable by email at any time I will respond as soon as possible and by phone from 5-6 Monday to Friday.


Venue and Dates – Individually tailored  to suit the client.  3 hours per week tailored to suit the client

Journals throughout the week.

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