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Take A Moment

When we have an experience of who we are and how the life that we experience is created it puts us in the driving seat for the journey of a lifetime! We are in the KNOW.

At the age of 5….. I remember asking myself

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is the point of all this?

These questions were seeds planted firmly in my mind, I was sure to find my answers.  At the age of 26 the answers to those questions were revealed to me.  My life experiences lead me to a pinnacle point,  ‘A Quantum Leap’ and all the knowledge that that brings.  It took me 15 years to come to terms with my revelations. I researched consciousness, energy, thoughts, feelings physicality and how life occurs until I understood how they all work together and I could put it all into words.

The sciences helped me to understand how and why I had experienced these profound moments  ‘Quantum Physics and the Observer’  gave me a language that I could express these experiences and all the knowledge that come with them.  Dr. Joe Dispenza was able to articulate the spiritual experiences in the language of science which I am truly grateful for.

My experience was of the present moment and for many  years I lived deep in the moment.  I understood that when we still the mind we are free from the past and our conditioning.  When we still the mind we allow ourselves to be.  When we are being…. we are creative and innovative. I now help clients to deliberately BE and understand themselves experience bliss and to create their desires.

There are depths to the present moment we can observe our thoughts feelings and experiences which allows for clarity and a broader understanding of ourselves and life. I use Mindfulness and Meditation as the simplist ways to touch upon the surface of our own reverened magnificent selves.

I have for 25 years now been aware of the world from a deep stand point, it took a quantum leap,  identification with my true self and dis-identification with ego, to allow this stream of consciousness to flow….. It is a self revealing source and I am ready and willing to share myself with you now at this level of being if you are ready to accept it.

In My Book A Quantum Leap in a Lifetime I share my knowledge experience and  process with you, that you may know the magnificence of who you really are.

I am an intuitive life coach and see clients on a 1-1 basis

I am a Mindfulness Coach and Mentor OCR accredited and teach the benefits of a Mindful way of being.

 I have my own eclectic modality of healing.

I am a Reiki Master  and can Attune students on courses for  Reiki 1 2 and Masters..

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